March feels like waking up from a long, deep sleep.

Suddenly the snow is nearly gone, there are birds calling down in the marsh, and the faster, excited pace of spring has replaced the slow, sleepy pace of winter.

Like our weekends so often are, this one was brimming with making, doing, and being. But mostly making. A weekend where each of us gravitated toward our own goals or passions, drifting together for meals or to share our progress, but spending much restorative time alone (a rarity for this homeschooling family, indeed). 

And thought my solo time was spent largely in the kitchen beside the pressure canner, it still felt good to focus alone on the task before me. 

Lupine spent the past two days engrossed in a doll project (I'll share more about that later this week), Sage in the blacksmithing forge (something he's been longing for all winter), and Pete and I ticking several project off of our eternal "to do" list. And there was much sap to cook! The taps really started flowing this weekend, keeping us busy beside the maple cooker as gallon after gallon was transformed into dark, rich syrup.

So we enter Monday with jars of maple (and others of home-canned chicken stock and black beans) tucked into the pantry, some projects wiped from our lists, and ready for what this week – and this season – may bring.

Make it a good one, friends.

Much love,






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  1. Amy says:

    Oh, I LOVE seeing all the doll food…..I used to spend hours making food from Pla-doh for my Barbies/Sunshine family. 🙂

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