Free lambs! (I’m kidding)


You guys. I'm kidding.

But wouldn't that be fun? However after careful consideration I think free LuSa products is probably a better idea. 

It's my 43rd birthday this weekend (43! How did that happen?) so I'm giving out loads of great presents. (I have officially reached the age where it's more fun to give presents than to get them I think.)

Just add a note of "Happy Birthday" to any order placed this weekend and I'll include a free item with your order. The more you buy the larger the gift I'll send you! (But I promise – no lambs.)

Get started right this way.

Big birthday hugs,





8 thoughts on “Free lambs! (I’m kidding)

  1. Shell ~ says:

    ~ Happy Birthday Rachel !! ~
    A wonderful day of frolic to you & family *
    ENJOY !!
    All the animals of the farmyard are clapping hooves & paws in CeLebRaTiOn !!
    Shell ~

  2. Shell ~ says:

    ~ p.s., … just have to say… I LOVE the * Free LAMBS with every order * image & thought. so much FUN. Delightful. You bring delight & joy to the World.
    Shell ~

  3. Claudia says:

    Happy birthday dear Rachel, Thank you for your wisdom, it help me on my way. Your writting is like a goldmine. I wish you the best.

  4. Trish says:

    Hi. I believe I’ve seen your products at the Willy Street Coop?! I had no idea until I looked up your brand that it was a local business!! Yay 🙂 Blessings and Happy Birthday!!

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