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As most of you know, Pete and I own a small organic body care company called LüSa Organics. (Our business is named after our kids, Lupine and Sage.)

Along with a small troupe of helpers, we handcraft, hand cut, hand pour, and hand label every LüSa Organics item in our small studio here in Wisconsin. It's a labor of love, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Every recipe comes out of my head and my heart, and some of our ingredients are grown or produced right here on the farm.

And as a small family business, we notice each and every purchase that you make. Truly. Thank you for that.

And so today I was thinking about kindness, love, and the ripples of goodness that result when we reach out and tell others how much we care about them. Because the world needs more love. And we can all help with that.

Today I'm doing my part by a giveaway that isn't all about you, but all about someone you love.

A Love Bomb, if you will.


Because while it's wonderful to receive, I think it's even nicer to give.


Do you know someone who could really use a LüSa Love Bomb today? Maybe they just had a baby or are dealing with the loss of a loved one. Maybe they're struggling emotionally or financially or are about to do something huge that that will take lots of courage. Or maybe it's someone who goes out of their way to be kind.

Think about it. You know someone who could use some love right now. We all do. Then enter them in our giveaway. You and your friend will both get a coupon for a free lip balm, and one lucky winner will take home the care package that their friend chose for them. 


To enter the Love Bomb giveaway, do all of the following:

  1. Decide who you know who deserves a LüSa Love Bomb, then visit our website and choose a gift you'd love to give them if you win.
  2. Leave a comment here sharing why your friend deserves a Love Bomb and what you want to send them if you win. (No need to mention their name if you don't want to.)
  3. Share this post with your friend via social media or email so they know you are thinking about them. (That's where the love really starts to flow.) Tell them, "I nominated you for a LüSa Love Bomb because…" 

And finally, share the coupon code "BOOMLOVEBOMB" with your friend and they will get a free LüSa Lip Balm from our website, whether they win our giveaway or not.

In fact, you can use that coupon too! To redeem simple add a lip balm of your choice to your order, then  add the "BOOMLOVEBOMB" code during checkout. 

Coupon expires Tuesday, June 21, so hurry. (Tinted Lip Balm not included.)

I'll choose a Love Bomb winner next week.

 Our winner is Alyssa P. Congratulations, Alyssa! 


P.S. In case you missed it, Love WI Project just did a feature on us that is a fun read if you want more of our story! You can find it here.


18 thoughts on “Spread the love: A LuSa Love Bomb giveaway

  1. Aimee says:

    I would love to send my dear friend Sarah Beth a love bomb. She probably won’t love that I nominated her for this because she hates being the center of attention and would always think that someone else’s need is more than her own but I know she could really use some uplifting right now. If she wins I would like her to have the Delight Gift Collection -uplifting. She recently assisted in trying to save the life of a child that was tragically injured and they were unable to keep the child alive. She is having a very difficult time right now escaping the memories of that day. I want her to take comfort in all the love that surrounds her and let it uplift and carry her through.

  2. Kayla Cheney says:

    I’d love to nominate my friend Becky. She teaches on North Minneapolis in a hard school district and always goes above and beyond. In addition she mentors and tutors countless kids in St. Paul and has helped ensure countless kids have an education and training to be successful. Due to her efforts vinyls kids have gone to college rather then the streets. Even when they fail and drop out Becky is there teaching them live skills like finding a job, balancing a check book. She helps them find their success.

  3. Alyssa Pilgram says:

    I’d love to send my sister Amanda a Love Bomb. She had her daughter two months ago, and a day later found out she had a brain tumor. She had surgery to remove some of it in April, and has been doing pretty well. She has to start radiation treatment in July, and she is concerned about whether her face will get radiation burns. I’d love to be able to pamper her with your amazing products. She doesn’t do anything for herself ever, so I’d love to be able to do this for her. I’d want her to receive Delight Gift Collection-Relaxing. Thanks!

  4. Casey U says:

    I’d love to send a Love Bomb to the family of Chloe, a sweet 7 year old girl who had a horrifying accident and is currently beginning rehab at the American Family Children’s Hospital. Some Calm Balm or Bliss Balm, maybe? Something to brighten their days and maybe ease some stress.

  5. Dawn U says:

    I would send a love bomb to my wonderful mom. She is always willing to drop everything for anyone who needs it. After living in paradise for 24 years she and my dad are packing up their home and moving from Hawaii to Maryland to take a new job and be closer to family. They have both sacrificed all their lives. My dad was a marine for 30 years, spent 2 tours in Vietnam and one in Desert Storm. He retired after his last duty station in Hawaii and continues to work to support the family and mom….she chugs along right by his side. I would send her a lavender gift set, she loves lavender and finds much comfort in it. She will need lots of love with this big move.

  6. Susan Morgan says:

    I would send a love bomb to my daughter, Melissa Mailly. She and her husband have 6 children – and she is an amazing mom. Homeschooling, home cooking, home brewing, – she is always giving and serving in so many ways – not only for her own family, but many others as well. I would send her 3 bars of your delicious soaps – Sweet Soul Sister, Calendula Baby and some Lemongrass.

  7. lori says:

    I want to nominate my friend and neighbor for a love bomb because a bomb of a whole different sort has been making an impact in her life. In the last month…
    *she learned her father has terminal cancer and less than 2 months to live,
    *she sold her house & discovered she had a very short time to move
    *she has planned (and delayed) launching her own business
    *she has flown 2000 miles away to be with her dying father (she’s his only child)

    To top it all off, yesterday, she & her children were in a car accident. This girl needs a boost of love! Although she would not want me to share these details with her name, I’ll privately share her nomination with her.

    Thanks for this wonderful idea, Rachel! Share the love!!

  8. Sue Facherty says:

    Zena, my lovely daughter in law, deserves a love bomb. Mother of three children, most recently baby Eliza, eleven weeks old. Zena battled for several weeks to have Eliza’s tongue tie diagnosed so that she could continue breast feeding. She helps run a home birth support group and is a baby carrying supporter and placenta encapsulator. The two older children and Zena have dry, eczema prone skin, especially after bathing and swimming, so something soothing would be perfect.
    We live in the UK but delighted to pay postage if successful.
    You have so many lovely people more worthy to feel some love though, so I am just content to be celebrating our amazing families alongside them all.

  9. Cathleen Schmainda says:

    One of my best friends Susan could absolutely use a love Bomb these days!!! I met Susan a few years ago in college… We were both accepted into the nursing program at the same time and became amazing friends. This past year, Susan spent hours upon hours helping our entire class succeed in our presentations and exams… She opened her home many many times for us all … Was ALWAYS the first one and the last one to leave campus each day… And was a true friend to so many of us that it made us all want to be better people. Unfortunately, Susan is very anxious when it comes to test taking and that showed in her exam scores. While her papers and group project scores and everything else was nearly flawless – her test scores were affected by her anxiety. As a result, by just a mere couple points, Susan didn’t pass this last semester and won’t be coming ahead with the rest of our cohort 🙁 The past few weeks, school has been out and she is still so sad about not passing. I know your products would help her to relax and I would love to pick items for her that would promote calm and relaxation prior to exams this coming fall… I know she will be an amazing nurse in the very near future and I hope she knows how much we ALL love her!!!

  10. Renee Day says:

    I would like to nominate my mother, Beverly. If I won, I’d give her the relaxing delight gift collection. She deserves this for many reasons, but mainly because she has finally retired from a career working in the correctional system. Her job was very stressful and took a toll on her. I want her to relax an enjoy her time with her two granddaughters. She not only watches my niece, but she takes care of my grandma who lives with my parents. Its time she took care of herself and relaxed.

  11. Annie Zylstra says:

    Wow! It is amazing to read all of these stories. I want all of these loved ones to have love bombs, love bombs of many sorts! It’s really nice to have all these people together in one basket. Seeing them all did spark a feeling of reluctance in me to add my own story as I don’t want to create a sense of competition of hardships, but since I know how much this gesture would delight my mom, I’ll do it anyway. Last November, my mom–a joyous, generous, unfathomably kind woman–was walking our dog near the town she had just moved to with her brand-new, first-ever spouse when she was hit by a drunk driver, driving well over the speed limit in a large pick-up truck. She was thrown 30 feet into the opposing ditch, and was left there by the driver. When she was discovered miraculously alive a few hours later, her long journey of pain, hospitalization, trauma, and recovery began. I moved from my home in the Driftless region to care for her where she lives in Western Iowa, and am still here with her, helping her with the stuff of daily living. Since the accident, she has endured 2 major spinal surgeries, including a two week period of undetected post-surgical infection that left her in a comatose-like state, major stresses in her new marriage, persistent pain and emotional trauma, and the inability to do what she loves. She has embarked on a journey full of questions about healing and self-care, and turning to nourishing medicines and bodycare aids like the ones you make has been an exciting source of healing and joy for her. If she were to win your sweet giveaway, anything you make that is calming to nerves, possibly an essential oil blend, would be excellent for her.

    Thanks for doing what you do, Rachel! I love these posts and everything you’re making!

  12. Deanna Dobie says:

    I would like to nominate my friend Cathy. We work together at the same hospital. She is a nurse in Psychiatry, who is currently on sick leave due to burn out and stress. Cathy is one special person who gives her all to her patients. She listens. Sounds simple to do, however active listening without rushing and sitting a spell with someone who is in need is sometimes the biggest and best medication ever. Now it’s her turn to be heard and listened too. Time for her. As well as time with us, her friends who understand. We all need time outs sometimes in the rush-rush busy life. and she is “allowing” herself to do just that. If she were to win your giveaway, anything that is soothing and calming would be perfect.We live in Canada and I will gladly pay any postage costs if Cathy wins. Thanks Rachel.

  13. Donette says:

    I would nominate my daughter Emily with Delight Gift Collection – Grounding. Emily has no horrific story in fact hers is a bit more of a happy beginnings.To put this in a nutshell: she met a man,fell in love,got pregnant and realized what a horrible mistake she had made.At 21 she chose a wrong path.She tried to make this work,quite her job became a full time mama,concentrated on making a happy home but was not to be. Alcohol & dysfunction met her at every turn.One night she showed up at my door step,a six month old baby on her hip & all she could fit in a diaper bag.Got full time job (second shift) moved to low income one room apartment.Saved every penny and is now ready to buy her own home.There was lot of pain,sorrow,tears behind all this but the girl’s got a inner power! Proud mama I am.I want her to feel the love of these products. Thank you.

  14. tracy says:

    I’d like to nominate my sister-in-law Mary. She married my brother, who’s not the best (that’s putting it lightly) and is battling demons most of the time, unable to father/be present. She’s an amazing mother, and raises my niece in such a beautiful, natural way. Delicious vegan/conscious food, kindness, and she’s a sweet thing to boot! BUT, parenting alone is hard. There’s NO time for pampering, and she deserves this. She really does, she’s so strong and even though has been through so much, keeps on trucking. I’d love for her to have the “Up-lifting” essential oil.

  15. Megan says:

    What a great idea! 🙂 My friend has three littles and one has really sensitive skin – I’d get the Calendula unscented lotion bar for them. She works so hard to care for them. Thank you! 🙂

  16. Catherine B says:

    Hope the contest is still open. I would love to send a love bomb to my dear friend Frida, who is both pregnant and experiencing some significant personal stress. I would love to send her some products for her baby and some to pamper her! Thanks!

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