Seven (August) things










This week I'm feeling spread so thin.

August is like that.

It's filled to capacity with things that demand our attention, then it spills out onto the floor and makes a mess of things. 

When I zoom in close and study the minutia (which I am prone to) it constantly feels like things are falling apart. Sick animals, down fences, too much rain, a to-do list longer than my forearm. Etc., etc.

It's only when I zoom out do I realize how fortunate we truly are. Fed, safe, and together. Day after day after day.

No, it's not constant bliss. But I don't think it's not meant to be.

It's meant to be real and juicy and messy. It's meant to constantly challenge you to rearrange your priorities and rethink the path you are on. The truth is in the big picture we're 90% happy. Life is 90% on track. We're 90% love, not 90% chaos. 

That's our greater truth. The other stuff is just the day-to-day of August. A bump along the road to Autumn. 


So I'm focusing on all that is falling into place, despite things that feel like they are coming apart.

And I'm revisiting that fine habit of taking stock of what's good, instead of only seeing what's a mess.


Here's what I'm grateful for this morning: 

1. A child who, on the cusp of 14, has rolled with a complete gutting of his birthday celebration plans on account of some farm troubles that were beyond our control. This kid is demonstrating more grace that I thought possible. And I am so grateful.

2. Waking early every day this week and carving out a bit of space to write and to find myself again, alone in the quiet of the morning.

3. Launching the sixth LüSa Treasure Box and submitting my third Taproot article next week, and feeling so thankful to get to spend my days doing what I love. 

4. Loading up Nellie (our old camper) for a few days on the road with my peeps. It's just what we need right now, and despite the change in plans we're so ready.

5. Foraging dyestuffs and dying my own wool. It's a small, quiet pleasure that I'm getting such satisfaction from these days. I'm not sure how many skeins of yellow wool one person actually needs, but I'll find out soon.

6. The sounds of sandhill cranes that I woke to this morning as they flew up the valley in the mist.

7. 60 F. (The temperature when I woke this morning.) Autumn is coming! I am so ready.


What's on your short list today, friends?  


3 thoughts on “Seven (August) things

  1. Amy says:

    Sounds like you’ve got a great young man too! Our oldest will be 16 next week and the way he rolls with what life has thrown at us, even if it means changing his personal plans, amazes me. BTW I think you can never have enough yellow yarn. The brightness is perfect for those cold grey winter days.

  2. KC says:

    I’m grateful for the national park service and their free day today. I’m grateful I get to homeschool and the freedom that brings to us each day. I’m grateful that stressful days end and new clean days begin all the time.

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