A couple of years back I got the bug to take a winter road trip – with all four of us instead of the usual three. A blog reader suggested this spectacular spot and we jumped.

A quite island without cars, electricity, or distractions – just our tent, our family, and beaches for miles. And lots of knitting in my basket.

The perfect chance to reconnect as a family and get a little sand between our toes.

I thought we'd make a habit of it and end up there every year, but after driving cross country to Maine and back last autumn, no one wanted to leave the farm any time soon.

Until now.

Because, yes, another Wisconsin February is upon us. And never before has a February found me so wrung out, so worried, nor so weary. A few days with our feet in the ocean sounds like the perfect remedy.

And so we're off! Off and away, heading to the ocean once more.

I'll be posting some postcards from the road (as well as some favorite re-posts while we're gone). Keep an eye out on Instagram too. I'll be sure to share some beauty there as well.

See you on the beach! 



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