I’m off!


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I have so many things to share with you – from the latest Taproot to a couple of just-cast-off knitting projects, some homeschooling reflections, homesteading updates, and other projects in the works.

But all of that will have to wait! Because tomorrow marks the start of the Spring Women's Herbal Retreat.

That means that today is devoted to last minute class preparations and loading my car to the roof with herbs and supplies. And also asking myself questions like: "Is too much coffee (or butter) even a thing?" or "I hope I don't get pulled over with all these random bags of herbs in my trunk, alongside this case of brandy and hard to explain bundles of tree branches." 

I'm so excited for another long weekend with another inspiring group of women to learn from and share with. Bring it on, Spring Retreat! We're ready. 

I'll be sharing a few photos of what we create on my personal and business Instagram feeds throughout the weekend. If you're curious about what we'll be mixing up feel free to follow along!


Now. Wish we luck for another beautiful, magical weekend of plants, medicine making, and women. 




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  1. Susan says:

    This would be such a dream to be able to be a part of one of these retreats! It’s on my bucket list for sure. It will be a beautiful time for all involved!!

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