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Oh, goodness. Where to begin! I returned last night after the Spring Women's Herbal Retreat both exhausted and elated. The weekend exceeded my expectations in every way – primarily on account of the ladies who came together to share in the experience.

This group of thirteen kindred spirits arrived from across the midwest, from as far as Ohio, Illinois, and distant parts of Wisconsin and Minnesota. Throughout our three days together we listened to each other's stories, learned with (and from) one another, laughed uproariously, and quietly refilled our cups with this mindful pause from our day-to-day lives.

Truly, this group of women gelled beyond my wildest expectations and I was so grateful for the insights and gifts that each woman brought to our gathering. 

My friend Kate from 608 Community Supported Kitchen prepared exquisite organic meals for us each day (so much delicious food!) that everyone agreed was a highlight of the weekend. When we weren't enjoying/over-eating/gushing over Kate's food and treats, we were delving into equal parts hands-on herbal medicine making and self-indulgent down time. It was the just right balance of learning and relaxing.

Oh, and that medicine-making! At the end of the weekend even I was amazed at how much each participant had crafted to bring home – there several herbal balms, some tea blends, and plenty of tinctures, herbal oils, decoctions, syrups, and sprays. (Off the top of my head.)

As the weekend ended, emails and phone numbers were exchanged, and one by one we said goodbye and headed back to our families and our day-to-day lives.

After the last guest left I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the magic that happens when women come together to learn, share, and play. And I was thankful for the role that I was able to play to help bring this group together.



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  1. Teresa says:

    Thank you for such an incredible weekend – blew away all of my expectations. And thanks for being patient with our enthusiastic gelling =) I now have this wonderful time in my memory to visit when I get overwhelmed back in the “real world.” Now, if only someone in my house would get just a wee bit sick so I could try some of my new herbal medicines…

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