Save the date! Autumn Women’s Herbal Retreat

I know. It's barely spring. But I thought a little "save the date" teaser was in order…

Because we're gathering on the shores of Lake Superior once more! 






I've reserved the Lake Superior Barn for an Autumn Women's Herbal Retreat and I would love to have you join me. We'll gather from October 26 through 29th to explore the South Shore, relax in The Barn with a community of kindred spirits, and learn much about herbs and handmade remedies. 

I don't have any retreats yet planned for 2018, so if you've been hoping to join me this would be the time. (There is a chance that I'll do more, but I haven't committed yet. Honestly, I'm unsure as to how many retreats I will be able to fill in the long-term. Are you a small pool of interested ladies who love Clean or love LüSa or love what I write for Taproot? Have most of you who were interested already attended? I'd love to keep at it, but I really have no idea how long such a venture is sustainable. Talk to me!)

I'm taking it one step at a time, and one retreat at a time at this stage. But this one? It's written in pen on my calendar. We're doing it. And I would love to have you there to share in the experience.

To sign up for the herbal retreat mailing list all you have to do is drop me an email. I'll send you an invitation when registration opens.


Some words from participants from the Spring 2017 retreat:

"This retreat was everything I dreamed it would be and more. Because how often do your dreams become reality? Rachel's warm and gentle spirit permeated the whole experience. Her wisdom is priceless. We shared an amazing fellowship, phenomenal food, and learned lifelong skills as well as took away a remarkable amount of herbal remedies! So grateful for the experience and cannot wait to do it again!"


"The herbal retreat was incredibly relaxing and fulfilling and the food provided was amazing, wholesome, and nourishing. The herbal information provided was invaluable. This is the information your grandmother and mother would have given you centuries ago, but here you are, in a company of beautiful women, learning it midway through life. It is wonderful, uplifting, freeing, and will forever be in your heart and mind."


You can read more about past retreats here and here.

So… who wants to join me? 




6 thoughts on “Save the date! Autumn Women’s Herbal Retreat

  1. Aaron-Nicole says:

    I do! I was so sorry to have missed the last one, fall is a more open time for me so I’m really happy to see this!!

  2. kacy says:

    Sounds great, i would love it but unfortunately i am from a far away country in Africa and it would cost me an arm and a leg to get there.

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