Thank you, lovely people (oh, plus free soap)

Thanks to each of you for the empathy and kindness you offered my family this week. Honestly, it's really a small bump in the grand scheme of things, but in the moment these struggles really can derail you. (And by "you" I mean me.)

Lots of projects and plans are sidelined for now, but little by little we're finding a new rhythm – a new normal – at home.

Several of you suggested a Kickstarter or crowd-funding for our medical bills, and honestly, I don't expect it to be all that awful. So far it seems that surgery won't be necessary, and I have managed successfully to redirect Pete whenever I find him googling "DIY casts". (Kidding/not kidding.)

While crowd-funding isn't my style, a little LüSa blog reader special can't hurt. Some free soap, perhaps?

We have a new Booty Balm – Naked Booty – that I'm quite thrilled with. I've wanted to offer an unscented version of our bestselling Booty Balm for ages, and finally worked out the details last month. I've been using mine on so may things, including as a lip balm, and I'm crazy about it.

The calendula in there really works some magic.



For anyone who'd like to place an order for a Naked Booty (what a strange sentence this is!) I'm offering a free 2-3 oz. scratch-and-dent bar of soap with every tin!

To claim your free soap simply order a Naked Booty this weekend and add a comment to your order of "free scratch-and-dent soap for me!" I'll add one to your order (expires 4/10/17).

Feel free to specify our classic (vegetarian) soap line or our new locavore (local grassfed tallow) line. If you're on the fence and not opposed to tallow, the Locavore soaps are amazing!


That's all I've got for today. Thanks again for the love, beautiful people. It means so much.

Happy weekending!





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