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Time has this way of lulling us into believing that we are standing still, when in truth we are rocketing through years faster than we ever imagined. 

Is it possible that time accelerates? I'm sure it is true.

Because I see pictures of my children when they were small, and I think, "Wait, what?" It couldn't have possibly been so long ago. They couldn't have possibly been so young.

Sage was ten and Lupine was just six when we moved to the farm, but in my head we've barely moved it. We're haven't even finished painting yet.

But of course they were. It's been nearly five years. It's just time, playing tricks again. 

And we're all growing older with every passing day.


The earth spins, my hair grays, our kids grow. It's just hard to measure when we're standing in so close. 


And just as the past surprises us when we glance over our shoulders to see what has already unfolded, so too does the future. It's arriving tomorrow, I'm sure of it.

And it's racing in at a speed that steals my breath.


And that is why when Lupine set to work making some perfumes at LüSa last week (for me to give away to customers), I couldn't help but smile. How many times has she done this before? Since she was old enough to reach the scale and wield a pipette to fill her bottles.

I can still see her chubby six-year old fingers working away at her first batch, her face all determination as she filled her small bottles, drop by drop. I remember when a year or so later she gave me a salty smile as she sniffed some favorite oils, then set to work on another batch of roll-ons. (That one was such a hit that a customer actually mailed her a thank you note and a request for more! She still has that note.)

And I remember a year later, when, in her birthday-best, I gave her a gift of a kit for making her own blends at home. Because this girl has always loved making perfumes and potions of every sort.

And somehow all of those moments feel like they happened just days – not years – in the past. 


And sometimes I fear it will all be over before I am ready. So I do my best to savor, to be present, and to remember with a full heart the decade that has gone before.

And I remind myself everyday that: these messes that they make? With muddy boots and fabric scraps and glitter and sawdust and glue – this is the substance of our days. And there will come a time where I would give anything for one more stray pile of knitting that is not my own to clean up before I go to bed.

It's in these moments that I can feels time slipping through my open hands.

Of course holding on more tightly only adds to the ache, so I exhale and fall into the now.

I breathe, then find gratitude for this moment with both of my children – on the cusp of grown. And I exhale again.














Back in the studio, unaware of my nostalgia, she carefully pencils her recipe in her book and continues mixing oils.

And though she's growing up so quickly, some things – of course – never change.

Her love of citrus scents for one; glitter in the bottles for another. And who can resist? Both bring joy to our hearts – hers and mine alike.

This year however, instead of hand-drawn stickers Lupine designed her labels in Photoshop – a first for my young perfumer. Otherwise this moment feels like another beat in a song we have been signing together for years. 

And I'm grateful that I get to sing along.



And so, with that longest ever introduction, I ask: would you like one of your own?

Lupine's latest perfume is scented with sweet orange, clary sage, lavender, and lime. It's a lovely balanced blend that I'm sure you will love!

And, as always, I'm giving these away for free (while they last!).

If you'd like to receive one simply place a LüSa Organics order soon and add a note of "Lupine's Perfume" to your order notes. There are only a dozen, so don't wait! They always go in a hurry.

*Once we run out we'll add a sample-sized balm or a travel sized soap to your order instead (with apologies and wishes for you to snag one next season).


Savor the moments, my friends. Because oh, my, is this ever going fast. 


Big love,


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  1. Jeanne says:

    My 13 year old wants to make perfumes with oils too. We have a book with instructions. She keeps asking when we can start. This was a good reminder to me to get on that.

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