Treasure Box bonus


Two years ago today I introduced you to a new idea I was working on – the LüSa Treasure Box.

I wasn't sure if the idea would take off, or if maybe, I don't know… three of you would subscribe and I would have to make good on my promise of six new products each season anyway! Of course that isn't how it worked out at all. The first Treasure Box (and the two years worth that have followed) were a runaway success, and I feel I owe much of that success to you.

You were the first place I brought that idea, and you loved it and jumped in to give it a try. I'm honored and grateful indeed.

When I explained the concept to Steven, our production superhero at LüSa he said, "Wait… so people are saying 'Here's my money, you can send me whatever you want.'? They love you." And I feel that love and trust everyday. You know we're not a corporation, we're a family. And that we care about your families as much as we do about our own.


In the two years since we first launched the Treasure Box we've dreamed up many new products that were such a hit we had to bring them into our permanent line. These are now LüSa customer favorites like our Charcoal Facial BarSea Spray Hair TexturizerMagnesium Mist topical magnesium oil, and our zinc oxide Sunshine Butter.

But we've delivered on so much more than that! Everyone has their favorites, like a lemon myrtle whipped body lotion we offered in the very first box that people are still emailing about, or an arnica muscle balm we shared during the second year. There's been so much goodness, it's hard to keep track.

Because this box marks the start of our third year, I wanted to offer something really special to you, my blog readers, because this is where it all began. I rarely offer LüSa products to you, but for so many reasons today feels like a good time.

Since you're my online inner circle; my favorite corner of the internet; I'll even give you a few hints of what we're tucking into the upcoming collection. (If you promise not to tell!)

The summer box just might contain…

~ something for hair

~ something for face

~ something for happy summer feet

~ something for a relaxing home

~ something for when you're on the go

~ something to keep handy in the kitchen or by the campfire. 


Did I pique your interest yet? I hope so!

Sign up for a summer box today and I'll throw in a full-sized extra (or four!), just for you…

Choose one item from the list below if you sign up for a single box, and receive all four if you sign up for a full year!


Arnica Muscle Mender 

This oil was from a pervious Treasure Box and is one of our most-requested products ever. Rub it in to your muscles and joints, anywhere you need a little Arnica goodness.

Headache Balm

A bestseller from one of our first Treasure Boxes, Headache Balm is now a regular item in the LüSa shop.


Cooling Facial Mist

We offered this in the Summer 2016 Collection and still receive requests for more! We made a batch as a special order for a customer, and kept a few to share with you.

Tinted Lip Balm

Another favorite from our first year of boxes, our Tinted Lip Balm is subtle color for any skin tone.

 : : :

To redeem, simply order your Treasure Box (single or annual subscription) today. Leave an order comment of "Blog Bonus" and if you're ordering a single summer collection let us know which product you would like us to add.

It's that simple! But don't wait. Our Treasure Boxes never last long, and this collection is sure to be no exception. 



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