Kickapoo River send-off

 Let me start by admitting how terrible I am at hosting work parties. I'm pathetic. In the 15 years I've been running a business I have never (never!) hosted one.

I know. So lame.

But last week we wanted to send two of our favorite LüSa family members off in style as they move on to the next chapter of their lives and careers, so a work party was planned.

On the river, of course, because we think that's more fun that hors d'evours or pizza. 

Because LüSa is family at it's core it was a family party, and other team member's kids were in attendance as well. And as the rain passed and the clouds cleared, we hit the water. 







We were sending off the wonderful Raina and Jaia, who have been working at LüSa for years in one capacity or another.

When Raina was just 12 she would often come to work with her mom Karen, our Operations Manager, during summer break. Back then LüSa was home-based and my own kids were small. While we were upstairs immersed in the day-to-day of homeschooling, nursing, and naps, there was a constant buzz and undertone of LüSa in our world, our team always in the background. Lupine was then (and now) enchanted with these older girls, and she has grown up with their songs and their art and their stories as an influence in who she has become.

Fast forward to today and Raina and Jaia (who have been our shipping team for some time) are ready to move on to their next adventure, launching their first album with a tour out west. 

They departed just a couple of days after our paddle, and we were so glad to have a chance to send them off, Kickapoo River style.

Happy travels, you two.

We'll miss them so!



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