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Happy weekend, my dears!

As most of you know, I founded and run a small organic body care business called LüSa Organics. At risk of repeating myself for the zillionth time (thanks for your patience, long-time readers/followers/lovers-of-LüSa!), LüSa Organics is named for our kids, Lupine and Sage.

Like so much that we do, LüSa is a labor of love. Each product is mixed, poured and labeled by hand by our family and our crew of five (amazing!) Viroqua folks: Karen, Steven, Raina, Peg, and Irene. I love these people. I feel lucky every day to have them joining me on this adventure.

I don't mention LüSa often here because I want the blog to stay true to it's mission of inspiring you in ways that have nothing to do with your wallet. But as LüSa is also my passion and our livelihood, it doesn't hurt to mention now and again, right? I'm honored and thankful when you go out of your way to choose the products we make for your family, so thank you. Truly.

This season my crew and I have launched a few lovely new products that you might be as tickled with as we are – products like Dream Balm, Children's Chest Rub, and Organic Eye Serum. I'm thrilled to bring each of these treasures into the world! You can see all of our new products here (including charcoal soap, enamel cups and products for new and nursing mamas).

Just for fun, enjoy a free full-sized product (of my choice) with every order your place this week! They might be a regular LüSa item or a limited edition product you can't otherwise buy. To redeem, simply place your order by Wednesday, October 25 add a note of "Extra goodness from Rachel" to your order comments. Then I'll choose something delightful for you to try!

And if you've never ordered from us before, know that every item we make is unconditionally guaranteed. Love it without reservation or we'll happily refund you.

Coupon code "NEWTOLUSA" scores new customer free shipping on their very first order.

Thanks for supporting our small family business, friends. It means so much.


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