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Above: Spring Treasure Box sneak-peek!

LuSa Soap
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When pressed to name my favorite product, I'm always at a loss. It depends on the day, really. This week I'm all about one of the items I stole from the (yet to be released) LüSa Treasure Box, a product I'm just not sure how I'll manage not to have always on hand. (Blue jar, those who signed up or are about to. Blue jar from heaven. Hallelujah!)

When I'm not sneaking home with Treasure Box goods however, my favorites are more simple: Garden Shampoo Bar and Uplifting Sugar Scrub in my shower; Calendula Lip Balm in my pocket at all times; Sleeping Potion and Magnesium Mist every night at bedtime, and Headache Balm within reach, always.

There are more, but these came to mind first.

Ready to restock your LüSa stash and add a few new favorites? Of course you do! And might free shipping help you in that mission? Of course it would!

Today and tomorrow only, enjoy free shipping on any order of $60 or more with coupon code "CLEAN60". (Offer expires Tuesday, March 6, 2018. Retail customers only, please.)

Please note that Treasure Boxes are not included in this glorious free shipping deal. To make up for this sad reality, snag a free Wisco Love wooden magnet with your Treasure Box order by adding a comment of "WISCO<3" to your order – while they last. I made these myself at our makerspace and I'm absolutely crazy about them. (That's a comment, not a coupon.)

Or if you aren't so into Wisconsin (gasp!), add a comment of "Rachel's Pick" and I'll add a full size scratch-and-dent product of our choice (Lip Balm, Tinted Lip Balm, soap, who knows!). (That's also a comment, not a coupon.)


And to each of you who goes out of your way to choose what we make for your family, I thank you. It means so much.Love,


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