How we celebrated

Birthdays celebrations are my jam. Whether marking milestones for my kids, Pete, or enjoying my own birthday celebration, I love a simple and meaningful day centered around time together enjoying our favorite things.


The way we celebrate has changed little through the years, except, perhaps, finally dialing in our game. There is a birthday bunting to hang (I shared instructions for making your own here), favorite meals to make, and a day to take off of work, no matter what’s on the usual agenda.

Even in my teens and 20’s I took my birthday off of work, and now my team at LüSa is given the same, a day off to celebrate family, friends, and life.

Yesterday was no different except: pottery!

This year my birthday brilliantly conceded with our weekly pottery lessons, and I convinced Pete decided to join us. For his first time at the wheel he was fantastic! (No surprise there.)

We spent the morning throwing pots, making messes, and enjoying ourselves thoroughly at the pottery wheels.


Back home there was ample time to knit in front of the wood stove (clay still on my jeans), hike to the spring to forage some watercress, and soak in some needed sunshine.

In the evening I even set to work exploring the herbalism course I signed up for (mentioned yesterday). It seemed like the perfect day to begin!

The best part of the day was that Pete and the kids managed all the birthday prep work, cooking, and clean up while I gluttonously relaxed by the fire. The food was incredible. Perhaps partially because I did zero to prepare it; perhaps because it was made with love; or perhaps because these three are fine cooks and bakers!

Likely all three.


And the day wouldn’t be complete without some small, thoughtful gifts handmade by my loves. We have never gotten into the habit of buying gifts, and I’m glad. That means the fabric, paints, hammers, and saws are pulled out for each celebration and the gifts are made with heart.

This year Lupine freezer paper stenciled some t-shirts for me from her own art (at 11 she can do every step herself, a tutorial for those is here). Sage took apart and rebuilt the gearbox of my stand mixer (wha?!), something that has been broken for the three or four years and sorely missed.


And Pete carved me two mind-blowingly beautiful wooden spoons from wood he harvested in his prairie restoration project. Whoa. They are amazing, and the ladle even has a little heart carved into the end of the handle.


And just like that, I’m 45!

So far this year is off to an excellent start.

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