What else are you going to do?


Most of the previous mid-April snow had already melted, and we were hopeful for spring.

But then yesterday more snow began to fall in the morning, and we stayed hunkered down by the fire with our homeschooling. The kids had asked for spelling, math, and science (yes, asked – I’m happy to discuss our educational model more for those who are interested!), so that was what we were working on as more and more snow fell.

We refilled the bird feeders. We pulled out the field guide to identify a few visitors that we hadn’t seen in a while. We marveled at how many birds our feeders can hold at one time, then refilled the feeders again.

And despite ourselves we were captivated by the beauty of the falling snow.

Around Lunch time, Sage (winter’s #1 fan) said that he wanted to walk to the creek while the snow was still falling. So we did a bit more homeschooling, working on our herbalism class, and then set to bundling up in our winter gear (that we were either wise – or lazy – enough to not have packed away yet).

And off we set!

We picked up Pete along the way, who was working from home (because: blizzard), and the four of us embarked – with two barn cats and one farm dog in tow (as often happens).


There was a snowball fight to have, gigantic snowballs to roll up and into the creek, and a family of snow Totoros to sculpt into life. There were belted kingfishers to marvel at, wood ducks to watch descend, and snipe to see winging across the pasture.

We stayed out for hours.

Despite it being dinnertime. Despite it being April. Despite there being a very distinct possibility that we were feeling quite done with winter and ready to move on into flowers, gardens, foraging, and sunshine.

And yet…

20180418-DSC_0782.jpg20180418-DSC_0795IMG-2419 (1).JPG

This day was magical.

It was one of the best days we had all winter, never mind that we’re already well into spring.

Because here’s the thing: we’re given one day to do with what we will each morning.

And how we spent it – how we interpret its meaning – is completely up to us.

And we could have spent it worrying about the birds that are hungry on account of the snow, but instead we filled the feeders. And we could have been frustrated that with the Narnia-esque spring we are having and grumped about the weather, but instead we found magic.

We bundled up and got into it. We found the magic and mystery; laughter and beauty in those falling flakes, and we savored every bit. We found connection, creativity, joy and wonder in this wintery spring magic.

Because honestly, what else are you going to do?

You always have two choices of how to play the hand you’ve been dealt, and one of them most certainly feels better than other. The choice of where you dwell is up to you.

Are we done with winter?

Most definitely.

But did magic happen yesterday on account of that unexpected snowfall?

Oh my, yes. Did it ever. And for that I am so glad.


5 thoughts on “What else are you going to do?

  1. Melanie says:

    We’ve done the same here in Plymouth area (WI)!! A spring snowstorm can be delightful enough, even though were all anxious for green grass and warmer temps for our new chicks. We built snow friends, again, had snowball fights, went sledding with friends, and even unpacked the rickety old snowmobiles out of barn yet again. And it was lovely. However, today’s sun is lovely too, isn’t it? God bless your dear family. Your honesty and positivity has blessed us many times!

  2. Sarah Cramer says:

    I thought we were the only ones whose farm cats join us for hikes! 😂 Great post, we have really felt stuck in this not-spring and some days it’s hard to feel optimistic in this tiny house with cranky kids.

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