Moonlighting (and moon tea!)


This is a post about tea, but also about blogging. Two things that frequently coexist in my world. The short story is that I have a brand new recipe to share with you – one for Women’s Moon Tea.

The long story is, well, longer. (As one might expect.)

The long version seems worth sharing however, so that those of you who’ve been around a while aren’t super confused by the increasingly complex list of URLs to my name.

You see, I’ve been doing some work on my business ownership skills (which, if I’m honest, could use some work). Because frankly, I’d rather be friends with everybody than market to them. It turns out that’s not necessarily the best business model.

So I signed up for a marketing class, and the first thing the instructor said was: focus your blog.

IE: Don’t blog about your kids, your dog, your month-long trip to Ireland. Blog about things that are relevant to your audience! Tighten it up. A lot.


I do not focus well.

Nor, if I’m honest, do I really want to. I want to come here and tell you about our latest discovery in the woods beyond the creek, or what we’re whipping up in the kitchen. I want to talk about how fast my kids are growing or the sudden abundance of chainmail, plate armor, and foam swords in my house. And so I’m going to. Forever and ever, end of discussion.

Focus schmocus. 


But at the same time, are those things relevant to most of my LüSa customers? The original target audience of this blog, way back nearly a decade ago? Um, probably not. In truth, they might not want to see my messy kitchen. It might frighten them, and I can’t say I blame them.

But other things are relevant and interesting to them – things that are equally fun to write about.

Including some things that I don’t often write about here because I’m not sure they’re relevant to you.


So with some degree of internal conflict, I made the decision to split my blog into two.

One, the CLEAN you know and love and have since way back in 2009 when this ride began – the messy house, homeschooling, sriracha recipe, imperfection blog – the blog you are reading right this hot minute. And a second one, a focused one, with tips and tricks for a happy, healthy family.

Things like DIY herbal remedies, 1000 uses for apple cider vinegar, and yes, more LüSa than I normally share here.

In short, I’m doubling down.

It’s about offering you more, not less. On two different platforms.

The new blog is the official LüSa Organics Blog (as the name reflects), while this one is the official Rachel Wolf blog (if that is an “official” sort of thing). And while there will be some minor overlap, my hope is that you’ll be a good sport and follow both, as my posts will be divided between these two homes on the interwebs.

Whew. That seems unnecessarily confusing, but really, it shouldn’t be too much to digest.

In short: forget about my old blog and follow my two new blogs! Easy peasy, right? Right.

And with that, let’s get on with the Moon Tea! A shiny new recipe over on my shiny new blog. Pop over, sign up for emails, and get busy brewing up some tea.

Thanks for sticking with me, friends!




5 thoughts on “Moonlighting (and moon tea!)

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I will read whatever you write about anything from dogs to tea and if you were to write about technology, I’d still read it!

  2. kendra says:

    oh man. i just tried switching my instagram over to a business profile, became overwhelmed, and switched it back. i might consider dividing to two accounts, though I regularly feel like my attention is too much divided anyhow! anyway, what i am saying is – i get it!

    • Rachel Wolf says:

      I get it! I already have two Facebook pages and two IG accounts. Two blogs was the logical next step. Good luck sorting through the pieces!

  3. Mathilde says:

    Ok, this is all good and fine by me… But which blog is the one for peg dolls? I’ll get my head round it, and this promises to be double the fun. Just don’t you please let us down on peg dolls, they are extremely busy and important and so worth writing some more about!Much love Rachel, congratulations on focusing, I do admire it!

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