Tin Can Telephone: a Happy Dumpling Tutorial


You can find Lupine over at The Happy Dumpling today, sharing her second Homeschool Crafts tutorial: this one for an upcycled tin can telephone (she includes instructions for using paper cups or yogurt tubs as well).

Head on over to her YouTube channel, or watch the latest video below (if you want to stay in the loop on future videos, it’s a snap to subscribe).

Happy making, friends! Stay safe, healthy, and kind out there.

Rachel + Lupine

P.S. Thank you for the many many sweet messages and charming photos of your kids and their projects after last week’s tutorial. Each one was a treasure! 



2 thoughts on “Tin Can Telephone: a Happy Dumpling Tutorial

  1. M moon says:

    Dear Rachel and Lupine,

    Thank you ever so much for spending time in front of screens and showing up for us. I really appreciate that you are sending more and more love and concern and patience and understanding. Thank you thank you.

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