DIY Felt Easter Eggs



Happy Saturday! Lupine posted her third video tutorial yesterday, over on The Happy Dumpling. She’s sharing how to make felt Easter Eggs using just sewing thread and scraps of wool (or other) felt.

I shared my own tutorial for these when Lupine was only 5, and it’s so delightful to see how my kids have grown up with these homemade eggs (not purchased plastic eggs) as their spring celebration standard.

You can watch the video below, or pop over to her channel to view her how-to.

Happy making, dear ones.


One thought on “DIY Felt Easter Eggs

  1. jumpingintomylife says:

    Not just for children! I’m a senior citizen, living alone through this pandemic, and I think this is a perfect project for me to do. I’ll put a piece of wrapped candy (upscale chocolate probably!) inside. Then I will stealthily go from one house to another of my friends and deliver, probably tying them to the door knob. Thank you, Lupine! Happy Easter/Spring!

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