Soft Stars Shoes – Remade.


When Sage was little he had a favorite pair of red shoes that we all referred to simply as his "starry-stars". I still love them. So does Sage. We couldn't wait for them to fit Lupine. They are now her size, and I brought them upstairs a few weeks ago and placed them in her shoe box.

But Lupine has her own taste. And the starry-stars didn't make the cut. No amount of sibling or parental enthusiasm would shift her opinion.

I thought it was ridiculous to pick up another (more girlie) pair of
starry-stars to suit her pink and purple preferences, but our current shoe scene is pretty grim. She looks past the soft-soled, foot-healthy shoes in her shoe box and heads straight to her costume bin for the hard soled shoes that were thrifted as "dress-up play
shoes." Second-hand girlie shoes. Shoes that are, according to Lupine,
"So pretty – and so owie!"


But this is my girl. The one above in the thrifted crown. She loves fancy. Sparkly. Pretty. Pink. Girlie. The daughter of a tomboy, and she's wearing a tiara. I'm not sure when it happened, but someone clearly snuck in and programmed her when we were all sleeping. 

Alas, I love her for all of her girlie sweetness. Its adorable really. My boy is all in camo and Lupine is prancing around the house like a fairy in my silk slip. So to satisfy both her girlie-ness and my healthy-shoes only rule I set to work on the starry-stars. To girlie-fy them.

No, they aren't rhinestone studded or gooey pink now, but they are CUTE!



I changed out the laces for some pink velvet ribbon and then covered a few buttons with Japanese mushroom and snail fabric. What do you think?

Really, polka-dot mushrooms and velvet ribbon can make anything yummier. I don't think you can go wrong with that combo.

And now? I can't get them off her feet. They are fancy and they feel good. What more can a little girl ask for? (Or her mama for that matter.)


P.S. We'll be offering a giveaway of a Soft Star Shoes gift certificate in a few weeks. I'll keep you posted!