Soft Stars Shoes – Remade.


When Sage was little he had a favorite pair of red shoes that we all referred to simply as his "starry-stars". I still love them. So does Sage. We couldn't wait for them to fit Lupine. They are now her size, and I brought them upstairs a few weeks ago and placed them in her shoe box.

But Lupine has her own taste. And the starry-stars didn't make the cut. No amount of sibling or parental enthusiasm would shift her opinion.

I thought it was ridiculous to pick up another (more girlie) pair of
starry-stars to suit her pink and purple preferences, but our current shoe scene is pretty grim. She looks past the soft-soled, foot-healthy shoes in her shoe box and heads straight to her costume bin for the hard soled shoes that were thrifted as "dress-up play
shoes." Second-hand girlie shoes. Shoes that are, according to Lupine,
"So pretty – and so owie!"


But this is my girl. The one above in the thrifted crown. She loves fancy. Sparkly. Pretty. Pink. Girlie. The daughter of a tomboy, and she's wearing a tiara. I'm not sure when it happened, but someone clearly snuck in and programmed her when we were all sleeping. 

Alas, I love her for all of her girlie sweetness. Its adorable really. My boy is all in camo and Lupine is prancing around the house like a fairy in my silk slip. So to satisfy both her girlie-ness and my healthy-shoes only rule I set to work on the starry-stars. To girlie-fy them.

No, they aren't rhinestone studded or gooey pink now, but they are CUTE!



I changed out the laces for some pink velvet ribbon and then covered a few buttons with Japanese mushroom and snail fabric. What do you think?

Really, polka-dot mushrooms and velvet ribbon can make anything yummier. I don't think you can go wrong with that combo.

And now? I can't get them off her feet. They are fancy and they feel good. What more can a little girl ask for? (Or her mama for that matter.)


P.S. We'll be offering a giveaway of a Soft Star Shoes gift certificate in a few weeks. I'll keep you posted!

31 thoughts on “Soft Stars Shoes – Remade.

  1. Casey says:

    Holy cow! Those turned out AMAZING! And what a wonderful piece of family nostalgia those shoes will be…

    P.S. Do they come in my size?? 😉

  2. Shannon says:

    I’m with you on the “fancy” stuff. My daughter was given a Fancy Nancy book from one of her grandmas, AND a big load of old dance recital costumes from a cousin. She hasn’t looked back!

    I love those shoes, by the way–both before and after the makeover! Good for you for jumping in and making them perfect for your girl–what a lucky duck 🙂

  3. lisset says:

    those little polkadot mushrooms made my day. and by the by, we got out lusa organics order and oh. my. goodness. the smell is like heaven. i love the baby wipe juice so much i barely mind changing a stinky diaper. the scrub is the absolute best part of my shower. and the sleepy baby essential oil blend has me just as relaxed as my newly restful babe. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! 🙂

  4. Bárbara says:

    Ok … I’ll confess: I am a girlie woman. I can’t help myself… But it was much worse when I was a girl. I used to cry to wear a pair of light pink patent leather shoes that made me cry after I use them – so hard that it hurt me a lot. My mother left because she knew that I would take them minutes later. Crazy little girl… Until now I sigh for those shiny shoes. 🙂

  5. Nanke says:

    How wonderfull those shoes turned out!I love them;) I have a daughter like that as well. Keeps putting her pink princess dress over her worn corduroy bibs…

  6. denise says:

    Oh, so sweet. We had soft star shoes for the longest time – the boys have moved into watersport keens now, but I have a soft spot in my heart for the soft star. Such a great idea – and they look great!

  7. renee west says:

    that’s a great idea, really cute too! though they would’ve been for my son when he was little. no gender neutrality for him- why, when you can wear sparkles and flowers and pink and purple AND blue! dresses, skirts AND pants. airplanes, trucks AND princesses. tiaras, crowns AND cowboy hats. love your earth loving sensibility.

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