Happy things.

Sometimes when my work week kicks in again (always on Tuesday) we get all tangled up in something we loathe: hurrying. My kids are simply incapable of this grown-up feat, and Pete detests it. Then I get all edgy and the four of us (an anyone within hearing distance) are fixin' for a disaster.

So after our weekly Tuesday Morning Meltdown, I would like to pause,

(deep breath)


and take inventory of all that is oh-so-right in my wold. Here goes:


My latte every morning.


(and our recent Craigslist score of an espresso machine of our own, after a couple of loaners from friends and benevolent coffee gods).


The delight of rediscovering my fiddle after all these years. Music! Such fun (who knew?)!


The simple handmade things that found their way into our lives these past weeks.


The horrifying mess that my sewing room has become (okay, I'm not so blissed out on the mess, but the fact that is is being used is wonderful)…


…while I work on many gifts (still under wraps until deliveries are completed in January).


Welcoming the light into our home in simple, magical ways during these shortest days.


A beautiful stack of magical books that found their way to us by way of a great barter recently.

And the photo-free items, Lupine napping today (hooray!) and Sage out with Pete, finding joy, grace, and confidence on ice skates.

Wishing you a Tuesday filled with blessings!

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