16 thoughts on “Guess Where.

  1. katherine says:

    Many things to love about your blog, the first being LuSa products. We were buying them when they were still called by the first name, which I can’t remember anymore, and we still love them (we’re in Madison and buy at Happy Bambino or sometimes the Saturday market). Homemade wipes and your wipe juice are a frequent new baby gift from me. One question about your blog–how about adding a search feature? There are a few things lodged in my brain that I would like to revisit in your pages but cannot find them again! For example, today it’s your reference to chilaquilas. What recipe do you use? I wonder if it’s doable for our dinner, yes, tonight.

    Enjoy your time away! and thanks for your words and pictures and products!

  2. lisset says:

    a getaway sounds so good right now. i’m only getting about as far as the end of my driveway these days (if only i could get one good night of sleep!) so do enjoy it for me too!! wherever you are!!

  3. Rachel Wolf says:

    Hi Katherine! Brilliant. Sometimes I even want a search feature. (I reference the blog myself when I’m making toothpaste and tortillas for some reason. Easier than sifting through my recipe box.) So yes! I’m on it. Thanks! ~ Rachel

  4. Rachel Wolf says:

    Hi Libby,
    You’re still in the big W, aren’t you? We tend to pass through with (hopefully) sleeping kiddos after bedtime. This trip was much the same. Sorry I missed you at the E-Fair. ~ Rachel

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