The Lessons of the Week.




As we hustled out the door on our vacation the week's lessons came rushing in, like so much water under the proverbial bridge (or in this case across the basement floor).

1. Better to have your basement flood before you leave on vacation than after.

2. Flexibility and a sense of humor are two of our greatest gifts.

3. Create something everyday. And don't be fussy about expecting perfection.

4. What we focus on magnifies. Focus on the good stuff and see where it takes you.

Add your own lessons, won't you?

14 thoughts on “The Lessons of the Week.

  1. Joey R says:

    Thank you… I needed that reminder today! I’m getting married a week from Saturday, then leaving on an extended honeymoon. My wedding will be small and simple, but preparing the house for guests (read: finishing the hundreds of projects we’ve started in the past 5 years) and prepping work so I can leave for so long has my stress level going through the roof. I’m going to print the words of this post out and carry them with me for the next week!!!

  2. sarah says:

    I love the one on magnification — beautiful!

    my lesson: life is fragile… fragile as the spider webs we sometimes walk right through. Live each day.

  3. Cassandra says:

    My lesson: it’s important not to forget to remind EVERYONE in your family that you love them as often as possible. Not just the “squeaky wheels”.

  4. Kim V. says:

    I too, am leaving on a week long vacation/camping trip this evening…and my dryer just broke with a load of wet cloth diapers in it and another load of wet clothes waiting their turn.


    Thanks for the post; it was well-timed for me!

  5. Erin T says:

    I have 3 daughters aged 18,15, and 7. We’ve homeschooled all along until last school year when middle daughter decided to go to highschool,and older daughter started taking college classes. Next came boyfriends. I feel like I’m always trying to get the kids to hang out at home. Your lesson about focus is a good one for me! Instead I should be focusing on the good times we do spend together,not nagging them to stay home more. Everyone would feel better! Thanks

  6. Rachel Wolf says:

    I’ve been practicing this and find that the squeaky ones squeak less under this plan as well. Less of a need to do so, because they know the love is coming around no matter what. ~ Rachel

  7. Rachel Wolf says:

    If it makes your diaper scene a little nicer, I once had my washer break with a load of dirty dipes inside. The door locked and I couldn’t get them out. So there they fermented. The technician told me he’d arrive within the next five business days. Aaaahhh!!!!
    Needless to say, I figured a way to get them out. ~ Rachel

  8. Rachel Wolf says:

    Well said. It’s easy to focus on what we don’t want (because it is so present before us). But when we turn our focus – even slightly – amazing things happen. Peace,

  9. Arabella Crawford says:

    When I’m having a really hard time with..whatever…I try to think about what is going to matter MOST in 20 years. Is it going to matter most to check my email or read them the book? Is it going to matter most to do the dinner or go on a walk and hold hands. You get the idea. Its not a new idea, but its been around a long time for a reason 🙂

  10. laura says:

    when you catch your belt loop on the silverware drawer and it crashes to the floor it was probably time to clean it out and donate some things to the thrift store-everything happens as it will it all depends on how you choose to see it

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