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Well that was fun.

We spent the past four days in central Wisconsin at the Midwest Renewable Energy Association's Energy Fair. Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Fair to be precise. 

We've attended the Energy Fair as vendors every year since Sage was in diapers and the sling. It's one of the only events we attend with regularity other than the farmer's market.

We love it. You could say these are our people.

We lived in this area in the past, so we have lots of community here. But beyond that, the types of folks who attend a renewable energy fair inherently get what we're creating and why. They want organic soap and safe, natural baby care products. It's a pleasure to come here and share our products and our story.

For the past two years my company LuSa Organics has sponsored the children's activities. It seems only right since my children spend 90% of their time at the fair hanging out there.

(Thus the photos above are only the kids area and our tent. I could have done better with some awesome shots of timber framing workshops and wind turbines, but there you go. This is where I spent the weekend.)

I was so happy to meet so many of you at the fair! (Most of you recognized my children first, which makes sense.) I wasn't expecting to meet so many of you! Thanks for introducing yourselves. It's wonderful for me to have faces to put on the other side of the writing I do here.

And today we're back home. Home sweet messy home. The laundry is up to our ears, my kids are begging for baths (yes, they are that dirty), and the cat, rabbit, and dogs are wanting lots of love.

Coming home is often the best part of going away, isn't it?


Edited to add: the tutorial for the fabric bunting shown in the photos of my booth is over here! Enjoy.

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  1. Emily says:

    Rachel, I know what you mean about the people there being your kind of people. They are my kind of people too. It was nice to meet you in person 🙂

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