Another day at the office.











Every Tuesday we pack up the kids and head to LüSa Organics. That sentence looks hilarious beneath the photo of packed boxes. Let's try this again, shall we?

Every Tuesday we load the kids in the truck and head to LüSa Organics.

That's better.

Sometimes they call friends and set up playdates but usually we hang out together, at the office.

Sure, Pete's and my productivity tanks sharing our space with the kids. But we all see the benefit in bringing them in to share this part of our lives.

Today a big storm was blowing in as we packed up our gear for the day.

Lupine asked, "Is it going to rain, mama?"


"Are we still going to town?"


"Mama, you are crazy!" she said.

I am so crazy. Driving a car. In the rain.

It's madness, I tell you.

Because usually we stay home. There is so much to wrap our days in at home. So why go out?

Except on Tuesday.

Famly work day.

LüSa day.






And what a lovely place to hang out for a day each week. Especially as a kid. I mean imagine the memories smells will trigger when they grow up! Totally amazing.

As most of you know, my family's income comes from making and selling organic body care. We call it LüSa Organics, named after Lupine and Sage, our kiddos.

It's good stuff I tell you, and we're proud of this little business we've created.

We work with an amazing team of seven other local folks who keep production, labeling, shipping, housekeeping, and books running smoothly.

This week our new 100% recycled soap boxes arrived, and I'm giddy with how fabulous they look. All pink and orange and sass.


While at work, everyone has plenty to do.

Yes, even Sage and Lu.

The kids sometimes do odd jobs for LüSa (packing, labeling, cleaning), or they read or play on their own. Often they chat up the rest of the LüSa team and Lupine is always giving them drawings and other handmade gifts.

This week Sage took on an epic project: sanding – then refinishing – the antique table that serves as our break room table. I've watched how hard he's working and glad I hired him for the job.

The table belonged to my great aunt Lois. I drove to the auction after she died because I so wanted that table for our soap studio. I won, and I think of her every time I see it.

I think I heard the table give a sigh of relief when that old finish came off… It's been waiting for this day for 50 years. At least.



As for Lupine, she took on her own work rather than being hired on by me.

She made dozens tiny roll-on perfumes with sweet orange, lemon, and peppermint essential oils in organic jojoba oil.

They smell amazing (she's got a great nose that girl!) and she's selling them door-to-door around town.

(Okay, mostly she's giving them away to all of her favorite grown-ups, but if she has any left when that's over she's going to sell them.)

And there you have it.

A day in the life of my family, and LüSa Organics.

I can't imagine Tuesdays any other way.


* * *

Oh! I just had a lovely idea.

What do you think about this:

I just purchased a dozen of Lupine's little Citrus-Mint Perfumes – just for you.

The first twelve of you to place an order and type "Lupine's perfume, please!" in the comments field will have one added to your order. When I run out I'll add a sample sized bar of our organic soap instead.

Sound like a deal?

To place your order just pop over to my website and have at it. And hey, thanks for supporting what we do. It means so much.


Edited to add: After selling out this morning, Lupine has agreed to selling me a second batch. Order now and you'll probably get to try one of her travel-sized perfumes. Thanks ya'll! x

12 thoughts on “Another day at the office.

  1. m. says:

    I think it is terrific that they are part of the family business. So many times, our parent’s jobs are anonymous and that leaves us feeling disconnect with them. But when they are there, seeing, touching, smelling, being, they are an intricate part of it all. a great connection! m.

  2. tameka says:

    Good morning again, Rachel.
    Does the lusaorganics website have a wish list option? I’m asking because my sister is due with baby #2 in a couple months and I wanted to create a list/grocery bag of items I wanted from your shop. Also, she is allergic to botanicals–she gets a rash (i don’t how that’s possible, but that’s what she told me). Have you ever heard of this? Are there items from your shop you would recommend for her?

  3. kate says:

    Sounds like a lovely day and what a creative environment for your kids. We also have family work days on Tuesday and I hope that my boys can one day think back fondly of the kitchen, though these days it is really hot!

  4. Cassandra says:

    This sounds so lovely! Am I right in assuming that you are only going into the office once a week? Or do you go in sometimes without the littles? I’m interested in a more work-at-home situation for myself so I’d love to hear about how you do work/home balance.

  5. Kelsey Rothe says:

    thanks for sharing your work day moments- just love it. I received my first order from LuSa this week- baby wipe juice ( my first bottle was a gift from a friend and I LOVE it) I have to say I felt special when I saw the hand written name and smiley face on my invoice- If only I had waited a week get in on some Lupine perfume!!!

    thanks for running a great business it feels so great to support.

  6. renee @ FIMBY says:

    This post is beautiful on so many levels! The photos, as always, the family togetherness (totally my gig and passion), your business, the new boxes (love, love!), the learning opportunities – love it all!

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

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